An installment loan offer that can be applied for almost entirely online

The instant credit from Fine Bank, based in Stuttgart, is an installment loan offer that can be applied for almost entirely online. You receive loans in the amount of 500 – 100,000 USD.

Editor’s tip: The Fine Bank offer is our tip when it comes to very fast payouts. The loan can be paid out within 1-2 working days without any additional costs. However, good creditworthiness is required here!

Facts about Fine Bank credit

Facts about Loan plus Bank credit

Fine Bank’s instant loan is basically an ordinary installment loan. Loan amounts between 500 and 100,000 USD are possible. The terms can be selected from 12 to 120 months, depending on the loan amount.

The interest rate is dependent on creditworthiness, which is why no clear statements can be made regarding the amount of the interest. The lowest APR that Fine Bank offers its customers is 1.99% pa, but rates of 3.99% or 4.99% are also possible. The exact interest margin cannot be read from the bank’s online presence.

Requirements for the Fine Bank instant loan

Requirements for the Loan plus Bank instant loan

In order to receive an instant loan, the following requirements should be met:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Permanent residence within Germany
  • Proven regular income
  • Current account with a German bank

You should be employed by your current employer for at least one month. You will also need your last two payslips and a current bank statement as proof of your financial situation. To legitimize yourself, for example using Postident, you also need a valid ID card or passport.

How do I get Fine Bank instant credit?

How do I get Loan plus Bank instant credit?

Applications for an instant loan with Fine Bank can be made entirely online. In addition to your personal data, you can submit proof of your income directly online. After checking your documents, you will receive your credit contract within one banking day, provided the decision is positive. You will then send the signed contract to the bank using the Postident procedure. In this way, the immediate loan can be paid out within 5 working days.

You can also apply for the loan in a branch of Fine Bank. If you bring all the necessary documents with you, you can directly receive a positive credit decision and the loan can be paid out much faster.

Repayment & repayment at Fine Bank

Repayment & repayment at Loan plus Bank

Fine Bank’s instant loan is repaid in predetermined monthly installments. Special repayments are possible once a month free of charge. However, after an additional repayment, there should still be at least 4 monthly installments, otherwise you will have to pay a prepayment penalty. A complete early repayment of the loan is therefore not possible without additional costs.

You can also take an installment break once a year. This allows you to suspend a monthly installment, but not paying the interest.