Crediten Loyalty Program – it pays off.

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January 1, 2016 Crediten offers its clients loans up to PLN 4,000 to be repaid within 30 days. In addition to the standard first loan for free, the company has prepared something special for its clients – an attractive Loyalty Program, thanks to which we can save on loan commissions. It is a proposal addressed to people who often use company loans – each liability repaid in a timely manner brings us a commission reduction of several percent on subsequent loans. Crediten has also prepared a special birthday discount for its clients. On the occasion of our birthday, we can save up to 30% on commissions.  Crediten

Crediten provides a free payday loan up to PLN 3,000 for up to 30 days with the first loan. Crediten offers up to 5000 PLN for regular customers! The company currently grants the highest free loan on the market!


Join the Loyalty Program and pay less

Join the Loyalty Program and pay less

As part of the Crediten Loyalty Program, we can count on a 5 or even 50% discount on the cost of our loan commission. The company also provides its customers with a 30% birthday discount. People who have already taken out and repaid at least one loan at Crediten can join the Program, and the time for repayment of the liability was a minimum of 14 days. In this regard, the company grants us facilities – even if we extend our loan, we can take advantage of the Loyalty Program discounts anyway.

If we repaid our first loan on time and took the second loan, we’ll receive a 5% discount. With the third loan, we can already count on a 10% discount and so on, adding 5% each time. The maximum amount of discounts is 50%, and we can use the discount within 12 months of repayment of the previous loan.
An attractive addition is the 30% birthday discount on commissions, which we can receive if we submit an application the day before our birthday, on the day of birth or the day after.

You borrow and profit

You borrow and profit

The Crediten Loyalty Program is a proposal for people who often use fast online loans. The rules of the program really support the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčresponsible lending. Each subsequent liability repaid on time is several percent lower commissions, which is the actual profit for the borrower. By using the Crediten Loyalty Program, we can also use other special offers of the company. However, we should remember that discounts cannot be combined.


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