Even 50 percent discount at Wacashe.

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From June 12, 2018, regular Wacashe customers can take advantage of the Loyalty Program offer. People who have already used the services of the company can count on reducing the commission costs on each subsequent loan. From now on, the more loans you take, the more you save!

Wacashe Loyalty Program – a larger discount with each subsequent loan

Wacashe Loyalty Program - a larger discount with each subsequent loan

The non-banking institution decided to appreciate its regular customers. From June 12, they can use the Wacashe Loyalty Program. It involves reducing the commission costs on each subsequent loan. The amount of the rebate depends on our internship as a borrower, i.e. how many loans we have correctly repaid.

Wacashe is a company offering its clients quick loans up to PLN 5,000 for 30 days. New customers can count on the first payday loan for free up to PLN 2,500. In the event of problems with repayment, the lender gives you the option of postponing the loan with the option of refinancing. Wacashe customers can be people from 20 to 70 years of age who do not have an entry in the database of debtors.

Getting a loan is quick and easy. The process takes 5 steps:

  1. registration and account creation via the lender’s website,
  2. making the verification fee or using the Instantor service,
  3. submitting a loan application during the promotion,
  4. verification and receipt of a positive creditworthiness assessment,
  5. receiving a positive loan decision and transferring money to your account.

Why use the Wacashe Loyalty Program?

Why use the Wacashe Loyalty Program?

The Loyalty Program is based on lowering the standard loan commission amount. The discount amount is different for every consumer. The lender calculates it based on the amount of payday loans taken out and paid by the client on time. The first rebate can be granted after correct repayment of at least three loans.

The condition of using the offer is submitting an application for a new loan during the promotion period. Consultants will inform us how much lower commission cost we can pay. Each loan repaid on time brings the customer closer to achieving a maximum discount of 50%.

How should you pay back the loan? Not earlier than after 21 days and not later than after 30 days. If we exceed the repayment deadline, the organizer will be able to grant, cancel or reduce the rebate on individual terms. It is worth remembering that the Loyalty Program lasts until further notice, so hurry up. The promotion cannot be combined with other promotions offered by Wacashe.


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