WiseMoney starts with the bonus program!

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Each of us likes to collect points that can be exchanged for additional prizes. The WiseMoney bonus program knows the needs of its customers well, which is why it offers collecting points and exchanging them for various amenities. At WiseMoney, the points collected can exempt us from paying commission on our loan.

WiseMoney bonus program – what does it assume?

MoneyMan bonus program - what does it assume?

WiseMoney, a company with many years of experience in the financial industry, cares for its customers. As part of the bonus program specially prepared for them, it offers the possibility of collecting points and using various possibilities within them. One of them is e.g. repayment of loan commission.

How can I get the points that the WiseMoney bonus program provides? All you have to do is pay back your current loan regularly and you will not have any arrears. In addition, it’s worth inviting your friends or family to attend. To do this, go to the WiseMoney website and click on the “Get Points” tab in the menu on the left. After completing these steps, the loyalty program will open. You can see how many points you already have and why you have received them. For our friend to join the program, send him an invitation by clicking on “Invite a friend”. The only thing we need to provide in the application is the name, surname and e-mail address of a loved one. As soon as your friends take advantage of the WiseMoney offer, the lender will credit your account with the appropriate amount of points.

What else does the WiseMoney bonus program provide?

What else does the Moneyman bonus program provide?

Thanks to the WiseMoney bonus program, all those who have already used the services of a lender can use the option of setting up a free personal account. It will accumulate all points obtained that will allow you to take advantage of additional opportunities with the lender.

WiseMoney regularly prepares numerous promotions for its clients. Currently, they can use promotional codes. Information about them appears in newsletters or social media, so it’s worth following WiseMoney on the web. The promotional code should be entered in the appropriate field when applying for an online loan. Thanks to that, immediately after its repayment, our account will be credited with additional points. What if we don’t have a WiseMoney account? They should be put on. Registration will take us no more than a few minutes. After completing it, follow the instructions above, choosing one of the loans offered by WiseMoney.

WiseMoney loans are tailored to the individual needs of customers. Those who do not need a lot of cash can take out a loan of up to PLN 3,000. For those who need a lot of financing, Money Man has prepared a installment loan of up to PLN 7,000. The loan period for this loan is 12 months.

How do I apply for a loan at Money Man?

How do I apply for a loan at Money Man?

To reach for the unique bonus offer from WiseMoney, all you have to do is go to the lender’s website and complete the application there. Remember that you must provide all the data that is included in our ID card. A correctly completed application should be returned to the loan company.

After analyzing the document we have sent, the lender will decide whether to grant us cash. If nothing prevents us, he will instruct us on how we can confirm our identity. The verification transfer is most often offered, which consists in transferring one zloty or a penny to the lender’s bank account. If we get a positive loan decision, the money will be in our account in a few minutes.

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